Color Wow’s Award-Winning Root Cover-Up

This innovative root camouflaging powder is a must-have product for every client with highlighted and color-treated hair. When applied to dry, styled hair, gray roots disappear instantly.

  • Blonde shades effectively cover dark regrowth in blonde and highlighted hair without peroxide.
  • Mineral powder compound adheres to hair without making hair feel sticky
  • Free of waxes or dyes
  • Each shade contains a variety of pigments to ensure that shades look natural and easily match a wide assortment of hair colors

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Introducing: Young.Again

Greek Legend says that Odysseus discovered the Immortelle flower after being shipwrecked on the island of Phaeacia. A princess gave him a vial of the plant’s extract, and the potent plant soothed Odysseus’ wounds and restored his demigod power. Immortelle can be stepped on, wrenched, picked, and probed and yet the flower remains unscathed. Many high end skin care lines including L’Occitane, dōTERRA, & Metamour utilize this plant in their age-defying formulas. Inspired by the restorative properties of this mighty little flower, Kevin Murphy created a rejuvenating hair care line, YOUNG.AGAIN. He also included with his new line, a podcast about the products which we are sharing with YOU! Click HERE to unlock the ancient secrets of the immortelle flower!

Allie’s Liquid Salad

Growing more hair is as simple as prolonging the Anagen period of hair’s life cycle. (For more info about the 3 parts of hair growth, see our post below) How can you make the Anagen period last longer? First, you can eat more veggies! Strong new growth is a result of increasing the amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet. We’ve included Ailie’s Liquid Salad recipe below. It’s packed with nutrients and minerals. Look at this recipe– read it and see how each specific vitamin or mineral directly impacts your hair.


Vitamin A
A is for Antioxidants which form a protective barrier around the hair shaft, guarding from free radicals like pollution. This keeps hair from being pulled out prematurely during the Catagen or Telogen phase.
(**The carrots in Ailie’s Liquid Salad are rich in Vitamin A.)
Vitamin B
Vitamin B includes B12, B6, and Biotin. These 3 nutrients boost cellular division and multiplication during the Anagen phase. (**Add some egg protein to Ailie’s Liquid Salad to boost the Vitamin B.)
Vitamin E
Vitamin E energizes blood flow. This keeps the nutrients flowing to the hair root during the Anagen phase, preventing split ends. (**To increase your Vitamin E, use swiss chard, kale, or spinach as the salad greens in your liquid smoothie.)
Picture 5
Iron carries oxygen to the follicles. (**Spinach is an iron-rich vegetable, use it in you liquid salad to help your cells breathe.)
Picture 4
Also known as Vitamin B3, Niacin dilates the blood vessels creating ease for the blood flow to the scalp. The more nutrient rich blood that can easily reach the scalp, the more the hair grows during the Anagen phase. In addition, good blood flow cuts down on the body’s static charge– which can lead to frizzy locks.
Omega 3s
Our bodies don’t produce Omega- 3s naturally; we have to consume them. This fatty acid will smooth hair with luster, sheen, and elasticity. (**the walnut oil in Ailie’s Liquid Salad is especially rich in Omega 3s.)
Hair is comprised of 97% protein. Include plenty in your diet to supplement strength and shine. (**Protein and Vitamin B go hand in hand. When you add egg protein powder to Ailie’s Liquid Salad, you’ll up the protein and see the shine.)
Picture 7
Zinc helps with cell reproduction and hormonal balance. When the hormone DHT occurs in excess, it can prematurely catalyze the Catagen phase of hair growth. Zinc keeps DHT from disconnecting the hair from the connective tissues that nourish and strengthen each strand. (Both chard and spinach are high in Zinc. Adding either to Ailie’s Liquid Salad will keep your hair growing strong!)