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Ailie (pronounced Eye-LEE) is the owner of Aim & Ailie Hair Boutique. After earning a degree in sculpture from the University of Illinois, Ailie pursued her lifelong passion of becoming a stylist by completing her training at Pivot Point. Ailie honed her skills under the previous salon owner, Amy G. She also received instruction from Vidal Sassoon Creative Director Mark Hays, Kevin Murphy guru Kevin Murphy, and became certified at the Devachon Salon (NYC) to perform DevaCuts. Read More

Ailie endeavors to give her clients styles that fit their busy lives: “If my client can’t style their hair in under 15 minutes, I’m not doing my job.” Her favorite styling products include the Deva line for curly hair and Kevin Murphy Full Again thickening cream. Her favorite part of her job is positively impacting people’s lives—specifically when she convinces clients that every hair texture is the best hair texture when cut, shaped and treated correctly.

Fun Fact About Ailie: She won the Chicago Golden Gloves Boxing Championship in 2012.



Aim is Ailie’s wife and the co-owner of Aim & Ailie Hair Boutique. She takes some credit for the precision and superior technique that Ailie offers her clients as Ailie perfected her skills taming Aim’s thick, cowlick-riddled locks. As a woman who refuses to spend more than 10 minutes per day on her hair, Aim understands the power of a brilliant haircut and excellent styling products. She is devoted to Deva products—especially One Condition and Styling Cream. Read More

When not at the salon, Aim is chasing a master’s degree in New Media Studies at DePaul University.

Fun Fact About Aim: She played in a Chicago rock band for almost 10 years.


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With over a decade of experience, Megan’s favorite thing about being a stylist is finding a unique look to suit each client’s individuality. After developing her skills on a devoted set of clients—her Barbies—Megan formalized her training at the Aveda Institute in Milwaukee. She has also received advanced training in Hairdreams Extentions. Read More

Megan’s favorite hair products include HeatProof by ColorProof and Hair Resort by Kevin Murphy. When she is not styling clients, Megan’s favorite activity is spending time with family and friends.Fun Fact About Megan: If she ever chooses an alternative profession, she would like to be a detective.



Layne is the lead-receptionist. Her professionalism, intelligence and love for Northwest Evanston make her the perfect liaison between clients and stylists. Her time away from the salon is spent pursuing her teaching degree at Northwestern, reading, traveling, going to concerts and knowing way too much about Star Wars. Read More

Fun Fact About Layne: She performs monthly as a cast member of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.